green goddess

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Green Goddess

(Automotive Engineering) Brit an army fire engine
[C20: so-called because of its green livery]
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In her introduction, she also places The Green Goddess in its cultural and historical contexts; discusses its early performances in England, North America and Australia; and draws attention to film adaptations.
TWO green goddess fire engines have been sent to Kandy in Sri Lanka thanks to the efforts of two local charities.
Three Green Goddess crews were called out to The Mailbox in Birmingham on November 14, 2002, after a David Beckham lookalike set the smoke alarms off.
5 GREEN GODDESS RADISH If radishes are a favourite then why not be a bit adventurous and try a Chinese one such as Green Goddess from T&M - the amazing pear-shaped roots have a pale green flesh and a fairly mild flavour.
COLLECTORS were expected to snap up 40 Green Goddess fire engines used during the strikes of 2002-3 which were going on sale today.
The Green Goddess fire engine first appeared in 1953, but 52 years ( and a number of fire service strikes ( later, it has come to the end of the line.
Also featured are a rare Green Goddess prototype fitted with the Cummins B3.
The strike will last for 48 hours, forcing troops to provide emergency fire cover with ageing military Green Goddess vehicles.
Two Green Goddess crews were sent to Croxteth Road, Toxteth, shortly after 10.
Every time he goes out on the Green Goddess my heart is in my mouth.
A Green Goddess crew was joined by a local retained fire brigade to cut victims free from the wreckage.
A COVENTRY man died in a suspected arson attack on his home yesterday - while a Green Goddess which attended the blaze had to be given a push-start.