green lizard

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: lizard - a common Eurasian lizard about a foot longgreen lizard - a common Eurasian lizard about a foot long
lacertid, lacertid lizard - Old World terrestrial lizard
genus Lacerta, Lacerta - type genus of the Lacertidae
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"Why is he weeping?" asked a little Green Lizard, as he ran past him with his tail in the air.
That's just what happened to one Welsh holidaymaker when they found a stowaway Balkan green lizard while unpacking after a holiday in Kos.
The RSPCA was alerted after the travellers arrived home to find the Balkan green lizard in their suitcase.
Fergal Coleman and Alexander Grous from UK startup Green Lizard Technologies, working in partnership with Dixie Chemical, were recognized for their bio-based route to glycidol, which can be used in the production of nonionic surfactants.
Green Lizard Technologies has acquired pilot plant, office and laboratory space at the Wilton Centre.
2008), the Common Wall Lizard Podarcis muralis and Western Green Lizard Lacerta bilineata (Sacchi et al.
His impersonation of the giant green lizard is, like much of his material, jaw-achingly hilarious.
The Caspian Green Lizard, Lacerta strigata (Eichwald, 1831), is a member of the Lacertidae family distributed from southern Russia where its presence is reported in the northeastern Caucasus of Daghestan and Stavropol Territory, through eastern Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and northeastern Turkey (vicinity of Mount Ararat, eastern Anatolia), and from the Caspian coast of northern Iran into southwestern Turkmenistan (Baran & Atatur, 1998; Anderson, 1999).
There's a newly-revamped hostel, the Green Lizard (, which the Canadian, Scottish and Aussie backpackers proclaimed clean and cheap, without chores or curfew.
Vickey's uncle is also a notorious criminal and is serving a life sentence for the murder of James Curran in the Green Lizard pub in Dublin.