blue mold

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blue′ mold′

any fungus of the genus Penicillium forming a bluish green, furry coating on foodstuffs inoculated by its spores.
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On the other hand, the green mold must be killed with a bleaching agent.
However, citrus fruits are exposed to many postharvest diseases during transportation and storage, among which green mold, caused by Penicillium digitatum, is one of the most devastating diseases, causing significant economic and resource losses in the world [4-6].
So he went away for a few days, refreshed himself, and returned--only to find that some green mold had grown on one of his culture plates and that all the nasty staph bacteria were keeping their distance from it.
Your Silent Night gets rid of virtually all air-borne particle: from the tiniest air-borne virus and microorganisms to toxic, infectious and allergenic infected air that includes mold spores, black mold spores, green mold spores, second hand smoke, pollen, fumes, smoke and house dust.
Sac (green mold), Penicillium italicum Whemer (Blue mold) have been reported all over the world and represents major losses in production, during harvest, storage and exportation (8).
Q: I have discovered that my attic is full of green mold and I do not have proper ventilation.
Growth inhibitory properties of Bacillus subtilis strains and their metabolites against the green mold pathogen (Penicillium digitatum Sacc.) of citrus fruit.
Like the fuzzy green mold that grows on bread, a fungus often helps dead organisms decay.
The paper was "Green Mold Compounds: Impact on Second Level Interconnect Reliability" authored by Bart VanDevelde, Melina Lofrano and Geert Willems of IMEC ( MB
* When green mold was when someone left a sandwich on the packing room bench for too long.