green pea

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pea - seed of a pea plant used for food
snow pea, sugar pea - green peas with flat edible pods
sugar snap pea - green peas with edible pods that are very crisp and not flat
split-pea - dried hulled pea; used in soup
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No more can it be explained than can a human explain why, at luncheon to-day, he selects green peas and rejects string beans, when only yesterday he elected to choose string beans and to reject green peas.
On Easter Sunday lamb and green peas, and at Michaelmas roast goose and apple sauce.
With a little earth spread on our aluminum planet we should have green peas in twenty-four hours.
Nobody was at home, but Daylight dismounted and ranged the vegetable garden, eating strawberries and green peas, inspecting the old adobe barn and the rusty plough and harrow, and rolling and smoking cigarettes while he watched the antics of several broods of young chickens and the mother hens.
The butcher's cart, with its snowy canopy, was an acceptable object; so was the fish-cart, heralded by its horn; so, likewise, was the countryman's cart of vegetables, plodding from door to door, with long pauses of the patient horse, while his owner drove a trade in turnips, carrots, summer-squashes, string-beans, green peas, and new potatoes, with half the housewives of the neighborhood.
She doesn't like apricots, she doesn't like peaches, she doesn't like green peas.
my dear fellow, it is nearly nine, and the landlady babbled of green peas at seven-thirty.
There are also some interesting takes on the theme like Jo's Fried Chicken Salad; Ella's Chicken Salad Log (baked in a puff pastry sheet); Chicken and Cranberries With Green Pea Mousse; Maxiene's Wild Rice and Chicken Salad; Tortellini Chicken Salad and more.
Grillo's nine regular main courses are highlighted by a whole, wood fire oven-baked Dover sole entree ($26) and grilled lamb chops in a cumin and fennel seed marinade served on a green pea puree with eggplant caviar ($23.
NAPOLINA has launched a range of new gluten-free red lentil and green pea pasta.
Bistro 18 offers a good selection of modern international cuisine, from the warm goat cheese salad and chanterelles with cream and bacon, to scallops with green pea puree and Indian-style red curry with vegetables and basmati rice.
These were the same things I grew up eating, which my motherwho now has a strong Jewish rather than Presbyterian identity, albeit without any religious underpinningsstill makes today: roast goose liver, beef soup with matzo balls, green pea soup cooked with chicken necks, gizzards, and liver.