green pea soup

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: pea soup - made of fresh green peas and stock with shredded lettuce onion and celery
soup - liquid food especially of meat or fish or vegetable stock often containing pieces of solid food
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The brasserie-style menu features light dishes including Green Pea Soup and Homemade Ricotta and mains such as Lamb Chops and Corn-Fed Baby Chicken.
The first shot resulted in Joe, myself, and my red Bronco, all being covered with flecks and splatters of green pea soup. This was definitely no toy!
A gourmet four-course Heart-melting Dinner created by Chef Hai and set at VND 2,860,000 ++ per couple will commence with tempting mille-feuille of Hue prawn and spinach, followed by a hearty green pea soup with seared sea scallops, choice of half smoker wagyu beef tartar with black truffle and poached quail eggs or salmon Gravalax on Sichuan pepper, blinis & oyster tempura soya served with ginger dressing as starter.
We both started with a steaming bowl of Cream of Green Pea Soup before heading for something even greener.
I started with the green pea soup, which I liked with its slightly sweet, thick, creamy, nutty and buttery taste.
All the soups were tempting, but the green pea soup with black pepper tuna tataki (fish grilled briefly, marinated in vinegar) was what we all wanted to taste.
The planned menu included mulled wine, green pea soup served with rustic bread, venison casserole served with vegetables and apple pie, syllabub and damson tart.