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I trust that I am not an unreasonable man, but I decline to admit that a long, green snake is a proper thing to keep about the house.'
He told him of the red ibises, who stand in long rows on the banks of the Nile, and catch gold-fish in their beaks; of the Sphinx, who is as old as the world itself, and lives in the desert, and knows everything; of the merchants, who walk slowly by the side of their camels, and carry amber beads in their hands; of the King of the Mountains of the Moon, who is as black as ebony, and worships a large crystal; of the great green snake that sleeps in a palm-tree, and has twenty priests to feed it with honey-cakes; and of the pygmies who sail over a big lake on large flat leaves, and are always at war with the butterflies.
When I saw my charmer thus come in accompanied by a cavalier, I seemed to hear a hiss, and the green snake of jealousy, rising on undulating coils from the moonlit balcony, glided within my waistcoat, and ate its way in two minutes to my heart's core.
In his huge, hairy hands, a long whip, made of green snakes and black cats' tails twisted together, swished through the air in a dangerous way.
Again, there was the insect house, where she lifted the blinds of the little cages, and marveled at the purple circles marked upon the rich tussore wings of some lately emerged and semi-conscious butterfly, or at caterpillars immobile like the knobbed twigs of a pale-skinned tree, or at slim green snakes stabbing the glass wall again and again with their flickering cleft tongues.
Elsewhere, Maura's love rival Molly-Mae is sizzling on the small screen in a green snake print monowire bikini.
Erskine man Steve Blackmore has transformed the farm's reptile hut - after feeling the area appeared to be"a bit bland"- by using graffiti to decorate it with a bright and bold green snake.
PS26, Topshop NEON GREEN SNAKE PRINT BODYCON DRESS: Make a bold fashion statement with this snake print bodycon dress.
Changing it just a tad bit, Lively looked all chic and pleasant in this purple and green snake print shorts suit.
The green snake had entwined itself on the overhead handle bars on which commuters usually hang on to in the suburban trains.
But perhaps the most unusual solution comes from Lilian Moran who puts a cucumber on the lawn and hasn't had a problem with cats since - do the cats think it's some sort of green snake?