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Ward took a wallet from his inside coat pocket, drew out a greenback, and passed it to Dave, who noted as he pocketed it that it was for twenty dollars.
A year ago, when Italy saw utter ruin staring her in the face and her greenbacks hardly worth the paper they were printed on, her Parliament ventured upon a 'coup de main' that would have appalled the stoutest of her statesmen under less desperate circumstances.
Look at that roll of greenbacks"-- he tapped his breast--"to buy the Boss some horses.
"How odd to find that even this industry has its financial panics, and at times sees its assignats and greenbacks languish to zero, and everything come to a standstill.
Maybe she make fun, too, so I say, 'Let me see thousand dollars.' And that woman, that young woman, all alone on the trail, there in the snow, she take out one thousand dollars, in greenbacks, and she put them in my hand.
In the last two months, the local currency has recovered Rs7.39 against the greenback in the interbank market.
KARACHI -- The US dollar on Friday depreciated as the Pakistani rupee gained 73 paisa against the greenback in the interbank market and traded at Rs157.50.
It is worth mentioning here that the greenback had reached all-time high of Rs164.25 in the interbank market on June 27 this year, and has downed by Rs6.75 since its peak.
The greenback witnessed a sharp decline on Friday by dipping down Rs4.05 and settling at Rs160.
The rising level of foreign exchange reserves with the commercial banks' at $7.069bn as of June 21 indicates the interest among investors to buy greenback as the rupee continues to depreciate.
Earlier on June 14, the worth of the greenback increased by Rs3.10 in the interbank market to reach Rs156.
The greenback settled down at Rs 148.70 in the interbank market.