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(Animals) an aphid, Schizaphis graminum, that is found in North America and that is destructive to several grains
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a pale green aphid, Schizaphis graminum, of North America, destructive of grains and alfalfa.
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Several resistant germplasms now have been identified, including cultivars with cross resistance to greenbug, Schizaphis graminum (Rondani) (Hemiptera: Aphididae) (Armstrong et al.
(2007) Parasitism of greenbug, Schizaphis graminum, by the parasitoid Lysiphlebus testaceipes at winter temperatures.
Elevated esterases exhibiting arylesterase like ch.aracteristics in an organophosphate resistant clone of the greenbug, Schizaphis graminum (Homoptera: Aphididae).
Smith's Gold features excellent yield potential with strong greenbug and Hessian fly resistance, as well as protection against stripe rust earlier in the spring.
The post Greenbug espionage group targets UAE appeared first on Tahawul Tech.
In a circular sent to companies this week, it warned the return of the Greenbug cyber espionage group in the Middle East, advising companies to take necessary actions to ensure protection of their systems against such cyber threats.
Terro ant bait to control ants; products from for serious ant infestations; Murray McMurray automatic chicken waterers; Greenbug all-natural pest control spray for termites; wheelbarrow for innumerable garden tasks; Northern Industrial Tools yard cart for hauling.
Previously 22 greenbug resistance genes have been characterized in various member of family Gramineae; for instance in wheat rye Aegilops tauschii and Aegilops speltoides (Dubcovsky et al.
An acetylcholinesterase purified from the greenbug (Schizaphis graminum) with some unique enzymological and pharmacological characteristics.
The English grain aphid Sitobion avenae (F.), the rose-grain aphid Metopolophium dirhodum (Walker), and the greenbug Schizaphis graminum (Rondani) were the most frequently recorded aphid species throughout the cereal-growing season.
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