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1. A tropical American evergreen tree (Chlorocardium rodiei syn. Ocotea rodiei) having greenish durable wood.
2. The wood of this tree, used especially for marine construction.


1. (Plants) Also called: bebeeru a tropical American lauraceous tree, Ocotea (or Nectandra) rodiaei, that has dark green durable wood and bark that yields the alkaloid bebeerine
2. (Plants) any of various similar trees
3. (Plants) the wood of any of these trees



1. a South American tree, Ocotea (or Nectandra) rodiei, of the laurel family, yielding a hard durable greenish wood.
2. the wood itself.
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It's easy to understand why: Guyana's forests have desirable hardwoods, such as greenheart, purpleheart, and wamara, a substitute for rosewood that has been overharvested elsewhere.
install greenheart fender protection to the ladders and all associated works replace existing ladders and mooring points to the north pier of passage east, co waterford.
All its vegetables and herbs are sourced from the Freedom Greenheart Organic Garden in Dubai.
Then companies such as Ripe, and Greenheart excel around this time of year.
Evans favoured the utilisation of creosoted American timbers, recommending Palmetto (Sabal palmetto) and Greenheart (Chlorocardium rodiei) for construction.
The area has large areas of swamp, and hosts extensive forests of commercially valuable greenheart, mora, crabwood, wallaba and bulletwood.
She works with educators around the world through GreenHeart Education.
We said wouldn't it be crazy if we were a fast food company using organic vegetables grown in Dubai, so we helped develop Greenheart Organic Farms.
Rossana Chu, a partner with Troutman Sanders, advised Greenheart Group Ltd.
Summary: Rossana Chu, a partner with Troutman Sanders, advised Greenheart Group Ltd.
Greenheart, the supplier of organic produce to some of Dubai's top restaurants, sells to the public at the weekly pop-up market at Comptoir 102, on Jumeirah Beach Road, 11am-1pm.