greenish blue

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Noun1.greenish blue - a shade of blue tinged with greengreenish blue - a shade of blue tinged with green  
blue, blueness - blue color or pigment; resembling the color of the clear sky in the daytime; "he had eyes of bright blue"
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It is a vitreous greenish blue, as I remember it, like those patches of the winter sky seen through cloud vistas in the west before sundown.
To get to its islet, one can walk on the sandy and rocky natural walkway-amazing rock formations that dazzle in dark brown, black and gold in sharp contrast to the dominant greenish blue sea.
The sexes of the birds are alike and are easily recognisable, having a long black down curved bill, the upper parts being chestnut brown, their under parts greenish blue, chin and throat a distinctive bright yellow.
The darkness shrouding New York was suddenly illuminated by a haunting light that turned the night sky a bright greenish blue. A brilliant white ray appeared to emanate from the tip of Long Island.
Many over-the-counter and prescription medications give urine vivid tones, such as red, yellow or greenish blue. An unusual urine colour ranging from red, blue, green, dark brown to cloudy white can be a sign of disease which will require a proper medical attention.
The present study showed high pigmentation varying from greenish blue. Our study supports the fact that dark coat colored animals possess more pigmentation of fundus.
The greenish blue crystal clear and freezing water, surrounded by the giant glaciers including "Malka Parbat" (the Queen of the mountains) which is located a mere few hundred yards and has a height of 17,360 feet (5291.33 meters) in the east and is reflecting in the mirror of Lake Saiful Malook.
The samples comprised two faceted fancy-colour sapphires (pink and greenish blue; see Figure 2), each weighing ~12 ct, that were submitted to the Gubelin Gem Lab in Lucerne by professional gem traders.
Morphological and biochemical characters of Pseudomonas fluorescens Isolates Morphological Gram Nitrate Methyl Voges characters staining reduction red proskauer PSF 1 Greenish blue -- -- -- -- PSF 2 Yellowish -- -- -- -- PSF 3 Brownish -- -- -- -- PSF 4 Yellow -- -- -- -- PSF 5 Purplish -- -- -- -- PSF 6 Greenish blue -- -- -- -- PSF 7 Brownish -- -- -- -- PSF 8 Brownish -- -- -- -- PSF 9 Greenish blue -- -- -- -- PSF 10 Greenish blue -- -- -- -- PSF 11 Greenish blue -- -- -- -- PSF 12 Greenish blue -- -- -- -- -- = Negative Table 2.
These highly intense pearlescent pigments help our customers to be more flexible when it comes to formulating automotive coatings as we can now offer effects from the greenish blue into the copper orange color space," underlined Tom Landuydt.
Resembling sirens, the models made their way on the catwalk carrying greenish blue clutches reminiscent of tropical fish scales.
freestone (also called Bath stone or Caen stone: a pale orange yellow); teal (a dark greenish blue) Bride-to-be, in company of bridesmaids and a psychic bridal consultant, decides on the bridesmaids' outfits' cloth and color: