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Adj.1.greenish-grey - of grey tinged with green
achromatic, neutral - having no hue; "neutral colors like black or white"
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The eyes themselves were of that baffling protean grey which is never twice the same; which runs through many shades and colourings like intershot silk in sunshine; which is grey, dark and light, and greenish-grey, and sometimes of the clear azure of the deep sea.
Last week the developer revealed its latest show apartment, a 4,000-sq-ft four-bedroom unit, boasting a large open plan, lateral living space with a greenish-grey colour palette and magnificent views of Dubai Marina, the Ain Dubai and the Arabian Gulf.
The pictures showed a slender tray filled with greenish-grey slime and dirt.
On the basis of intensity and shades, samples were grouped as medium greenish-grey, greenish-brown and yellowish-brown.
The interval between 854 and 875.5 m is composed of interbedded, laminated grey mudrocks and blocky greenish-grey mudrocks, both of which appear to have been overprinted by pedogenic processes.
The succession is represented by four separated outcrops along the Bol'shaya Nirunda River, a right tributary of the Podkamennaya Tunguska River about 60 km downstream from the village of Baykit and consists of four formations: (1) The Mangazea Formation (Baksian Regional Stage) is represented by rhythmic intercalations of greenish-grey siltstone and bioclastic limestones.
The greenish-grey granite bowl has a lotus flower chiseled around its base, suggesting its Buddhist past.
It is a sequence of mostly pale greenish-grey laminated phosphatic marls, light grey white-purple clay with interbeds of sandstones.
The bitter chocolate hue of its brick is faithfully matched by Cruz and Ortiz, but the new material, laid in plain stretcher bond, has a more intense, almost violet tinge, set off by greenish-grey aluminium cladding on the roof and south-facing walls.
The beds containing macroflora are abundant in this basin, specially in the greenish-grey fluvio-lacustrine levels, above the Ikhourba and Tajgaline conglomeratic Fms.
28), it is possible to appreciate the full effect of Goya's marvellously free but sure handling of black crayon, sometimes with additional chalk or charcoal, on the slightly ribbed surface of the greenish-grey laid paper used for the albums.