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The practice of selling shares of a company back to existing shareholders at a price substantially higher than that at which they were bought in exchange for discontinuing a hostile takeover.

[green, money + (black)mail.]

green′mail′ v.
green′mail′er n.
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(Banking & Finance) a person or company who engages in greenmail
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In Unocal, Mesa Petroleum, led by the notorious "greenmailer," T.
(1) the case where the acquirer accumulates the target shares for the purpose of making the concerned parties of the company buy back the shares at a higher price by driving up share prices, though there exists no true intention of participating in management of the company (the case of the so-called "greenmailer");
investment fund Steel Partners to acquire major beer maker Sapporo Holdings Ltd., calling the fund similar to a ''greenmailer.''
During the eighties, Icahn was characterized in the financial press as a corporate greenmailer. He was the prototype for Gordon Gekko, the "greed is good" character in the movie Wall Street.