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1. The technique of photographing or filming an actor or object against a green monochrome backdrop, and replacing the backdrop with material from a different image using a color filter.
2. The green monochrome backdrop used in this technique.

green′screen′ v.
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For the role of Susan Mullucks in series six, she wore a special costume that allowed greenscreen technology to alter her appearance.
Selection of chemical screening tools Expert Tool Catalogue Framework Analysis CleanGredients X GreenScreen X GreenWERCS X Pharos Chemicals and X Material Library SciVera Lens X US EPA Safer Choice X Chemicals List Higg Index X USEPA Design for Environment X Living Building Challenge X Red List Walmart Sustainable Chemistry X Implementation FIGURE 1.
Currently, MR production requires a capture studio which usually features a greenscreen stage equipped with an array of 100+ cameras.
The roof level has a horizontal canopy (screening rooftop equipment) intermixed with greenscreen elements and planters that support climbing vines.
Free to all high school-age New Look participants, the experiential learning facility boasts a Game Loft, where participants can build video games and apps; a greenscreen room for young videographers and photographers; a test kitchen for aspiring chefs; and a large space dubbed the Hangar, which hosts SAT prep, tutoring sessions, and meetings with small-business loan representatives.
GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals method, developed by US-based non-profit Clean Production Action carry out assessments on substances, that are assigned a benchmark between 1-4, with 1 being the most hazardous.
It has all of the necessary equipment, including computers, a greenscreen wall, video cameras, and video production and editing software.
Other examples of online databases include Pharos, GreenScreen, and ChemHAT, which provide information about chemical toxicity aimed at allowing private-sector firms and consumers to make safer decisions about substances and processes they use.
The non-profit Clean Production Action offers GreenScreen for Safe Chemicals on its website.
Launched by network television director Jeffrey Kay and his partner, Lea Ann Miller, a former Olympic figure skater, Workpoint leased a total of 15,173 s/f, including a 1,000 s/f multicamera studio with greenscreen, control room, and editing facilities.
This approach goes by the name GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals (GreenScreen), a methodology that established four major benchmarks for ranking the relative hazard or toxicity of any given chemical expressed in common sense terms such as "Avoid--Chemical of High Concern" or "Use but Search for Safer Substitutes.
The EPA's DfE Alternatives to Certain Phthalates Partnership project and the Green Chemistry and Commerce Council's plasticizer evaluation using the GreenScreen protocol are providing independent assessments, too.