greenstick fracture

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green·stick fracture

A partial bone fracture, usually seen in young people, in which one side of the bone is broken and the other side is bent.
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greenstick fracture

(Pathology) a fracture in children in which the bone is partly bent and splinters only on the convex side of the bend
[C20: alluding to the similar way in which a green stick splinters]
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green′stick frac′ture

an incomplete fracture of a long bone, in which one side is broken and the other side is intact.
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Noun1.greenstick fracture - a partial fracture of a bone (usually in children); the bone is bent but broken on only one side
incomplete fracture - fracture that does not go across the entire width of the bone
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(9) If the force is great enough, it can ultimately cause the cortex to break along the tension side of the fracture while the cortex on the compression side remains intact, which is termed the greenstick fracture. (8,10) In contrast to buckle fractures, greenstick fractures tend to be unstable and can displace even after the first two weeks.
Another study found that the presence of cartilage in the skeletal system in children and a greenstick fracture pattern may help both soft and hard tissues absorb a traumatic force (29).
This technique was modified by Dautery, in which the greenstick fracture was carried out at the zygomaticotemporal suture to serve as a stop to upward and forward movements of condylar head and inward and downward displacement of anterior segment.
Clinicoradiologically, diagnosis of Gustilo-Anderson Type IIIB Open Bilateral Distal Radius Physeal Separation (Salter-Harris type I) with greenstick fracture of right distal ulna was established.
The osteotomy was performed starting from the access point, and a greenstick fracture occurred with minimal manual pressure at the canthal level after execution of the osteotomy on the opposite side (figure 2).
A greenstick fracture was present on the medial cortex of the left tarsometatarsus at the junction of the diaphysis and proximal metaphysis (Fig 2).