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CLEVELAND -- Consumers visiting the American Greetings card aisle over the next few weeks will find a mix of traditional and contemporary cards, gifts and other goodies to help brighten the year-end holidays.
A GREETINGS card firm catering for Muslims has lots to celebrate.
"Whether in search of a seasonal or everyday card, seasonal banners, sectional banners, caption strips, boulevard signs and title finders guide consumers to the perfect Designer Greetings card. Additionally, outpost greeting-card displays such as quad, triple or double spinners, and moveable greeting-card lane blockers, take up minimal space, can be positioned almost anywhere and augment revenues."
Research by the communications regulator found that more than a third of UK adults (37 per cent) had sent a greetings card, invitation or postcard in the last month - the highest rate in the world.
The market overview section provides an insight into the Indian greetings card market and then moves on to the most popular occasions for greeting cards sales.
PICK A CARD Greetings card shop in Monkseaton offers an opportunity.
This year in his Christmas and New Year greetings card to the residents he represents, he featured photographs of Albert Park, the Dorman Museum and the cenotaph.
Worldwide Computer Products News-30 March 2001-Nova Development launches new greetings card products (C)1995-2001 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
With the aim of helping make the world a more thoughtful and caring place, the greetings card pioneer illustrates the relevancy and positive impact of meaningful connections and how greeting cards are one of the most powerful ways to connect.
A FORMER greetings card buyer has taken the self employment plunge and set up an online card business.
LADYWOOD MP Clare Short is taking part in Amnesty International's annual Greetings Card Campaign.
But what is interesting is that your company has already been working on this, and indeed you are about to start producing self-recording greetings cards and selling them to big greetings card retailers.