grenade thrower

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Noun1.grenade thrower - an infantryman equipped with grenadesgrenade thrower - an infantryman equipped with grenades
foot soldier, footslogger, infantryman, marcher - fights on foot with small arms
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In an ironic twist, the soldiers whom the grenade thrower wanted to harm ended up taking him to the hospital to save him.
He stated that Azerbaijan's stand demonstrated 4.5-mm sniper rifle, mine throwers, as well as the RPG-7 grenade thrower of
Quoting Irene's statement, Antiporda said the grenade thrower was riding a black Kawasaki Rouser motorcycle and could not be identified as he was wearing a fullface helmet and a black jacket.
Former Blue Leigh Roose meanwhile, who served with the Royal Welsh Fusiliers and was a "noted grenade thrower", died on the Western Front in October 1916.
He noted that the grenade thrower was able to escape.
While tacticians may question how a grenade thrower can replace two such decidedly diverse weapons, the project already has Treasury Board approval.
I suspect the grenade thrower has had previous psychiatric experiences.
'The police arrested two people - the grenade thrower and his accomplice who had fired a pistol.
The giant Antiguan grenade thrower has dismissed Atherton 14 times in his career including four in the present series.