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Noun1.grey jay - a jay of northern North America with black-capped head and no crestgrey jay - a jay of northern North America with black-capped head and no crest; noted for boldness in thievery
jay - crested largely blue bird
Perisoreus canadensis capitalis, Rocky Mountain jay - a Canada jay with a white head; widely distributed from Montana to Arizona
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At Wapusk Adventures, you will find a small community of racing huskies - each one with their own personality and style - plus a trappers cabin, groomed trail system, custom designed tour sleds and even resident grey jays. It was a real Northern dog
The locals (black bear, grizzly bear, squirrels, magpies, grey jays, and a plethora of smaller birds and spruce grouse) like the berries, too.
Hikers on this route might see Columbian ground squirrels, chipmunks, grey jays, and golden eagles.
But you, you see grey jays, common camp robbers, bandit birds hauling off crazy stuff like books and babies.
Heileman Brewing Company releases the first shipment of Crazy Horse Malt Liquor, Grey Jay Bunker sits on a bench, hunched over, reading the bottle.
Still distracted, Grey Jay takes up the conversation.