grey partridge

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Noun1.grey partridge - common European partridgegrey partridge - common European partridge    
partridge - small Old World gallinaceous game birds
genus Perdix, Perdix - a genus of Perdicinae
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The principle has been at the heart of the GWCT approach to conservation for decades and has been used to help local species such as lapwing, grey partridge and water voles to thrive where they were previously struggling.
What Lord Deben completely fails to mention is that all of our groundnesting birds such as grey partridge, curlews and lapwings need short grass to nest in and the insects and invertebra that livestock farming attracts to feed their chicks and get them to fledge.
Per the procedure announced by Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) Wildlife chief conservator, shooting partridges including See-see partridge, Black partridge, Grey partridge and Chakur partridge, will be permissible in the province from Sunday, November 25, to Sunday, February 3, 2019.
According to the procedure announced by Chief Conservator Wildlife Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar, shooting of partridges including see-see partridge, black partridge, grey partridge and chakur partridge will be permissible in the province with effect from Sunday November 25, 2018 till Sunday February 3, 2019.
Similarly, just only the first egg left uncovered was episodically documented in the grey partridge (Perdix perdix) by Sprake (1930).
Locals told media that besides the precious forests the fire also burnt the rare species of wildlife and their eggs including Grey Goral, Black Partridge, Grey Partridge, Chakur Partridge, See-see Partridge etc in the breeding season.
2012) such as the grey partridge Perdix perdix or the willow grouse Lagopus lagopus.
Corn buntings, grey partridge, turtle doves and tree sparrows have all suffered declines of more than 90% since 1970, though others such as stock doves and goldfinches saw populations double.
(2004) who proposed that high density of wild Grey partridge (Perdix perdix) were related with the presence of herbaceous land, unmanaged wilderness and farmlands around habitat in Prague, the Czech Republic.
(2004) concluded that grasslands were selected as the nest site by grey partridge during breeding season which shows contradiction with the present study.
The photos, taken by Steve Young at Lee Park golf club on Childwall Valley Road, show birds including a grey partridge, a kestrel and a buzzard.