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gray 1

also grey  (grā)
adj. gray·er, gray·est also grey·er or grey·est
1. Of or relating to an achromatic color of any lightness between the extremes of black and white.
a. Dull or dark: a gray, rainy afternoon.
b. Lacking in cheer; gloomy: a gray mood.
a. Having gray hair; hoary.
b. Old or venerable.
4. Intermediate in character or position, as with regard to a subjective matter: the gray area between their differing opinions on the film's morality.
1. An achromatic color of any lightness between the extremes of black and white.
2. An object or animal of the color gray.
3. often Gray
a. A member of the Confederate Army in the Civil War.
b. The Confederate Army.
v. grayed, gray·ing, grays also greyed or grey·ing or greys
To make gray.
1. To become gray.
a. To become old; age.
b. To include a large or increasing proportion of older people: "Federal food programs can't keep up with the nation's rapidly graying population" (Michael J. McCarthy).

[Middle English grei, from Old English grǣg.]

gray′ly adj.
gray′ness n.

gray 2

n. Abbr. Gy
The SI unit for the energy absorbed from ionizing radiation, equal to one joule per kilogram.

[After Louis Harold Gray (1905-1965), British radiobiologist.]


(ˈɡreɪɪŋ) or


becoming grey


graying (US) [ˈgreɪɪŋ] ADJ [hair] → grisáceo, canoso


[ˈgreɪɪŋ] (British) graying (US) adj [hair, beard] → grisonnant(e); [man, woman] → grisonnant(e)
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Some diseases may cause premature greying, for example diabetes, pernicious anaemia or thyroid problems.
Greying hair like wrinkles, is associated with age, which is why most people opt to have their hair coloured.