greyish brown

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Noun1.greyish brown - a color or pigment varying around a light grey-brown color; "she wore dun"
light brown - a brown that is light but unsaturated
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He was wearing greyish brown nylon socks with a red/green zigzag pattern.
The drake is attractively colourful with its bottle-green head, white collar and purplish brown breast, its back greyish brown, whereas the duck is very much a plain Jane, with mottled brown plumage.
The findings add weight to claims that besides giving ham and bacon their attractive pink colour (otherwise they would be greyish brown), the chemicals bring no real benefits to consumers.
A taupe grey eyeshadow: No, this is not an attempt to get you to channel your inner goth; greyish brown eyeshadow is a universally flattering shade that makes you look polished and goes with any outfit.
Hummingbird hawkmoths, which have greyish brown forewings and a black-andwhite chequered body, prefer to fly and feed in bright sunlight.
Gross--Received an irregular greyish brown tissue pieces measuring 2.5 * 2.0 * 0.5 cm.
Pileus 67-81 mm diam., at first plane to slightly umbonated at the disc, infundibuliform in mature specimens, then slightly depressed at disc, surface smooth to slightly pruinose, margin involute, nonstriate, rimose, yellowish brown (5D5) to greyish brown (6F3) at the center, dark brown (6F5) toward the margin.
Replaced by 'Chicken Cholay', the 'Chikar' version' had nothing do with its preparation, except the fact that its color was perhaps greyish brown. This item was sold on push carts with the best ones parked at Ganga Ram and Regal Intersections.
Color of female bird is greyish brown to cream while the chicks are light yellow to brown in color (Rao and Acharjyo, 1979).
At 11:33 a.m., Phivolcs said that Mayon emitted molten lava and generated a greyish brown ash.
Their colour varies from white to pale cream and from reddish brown to greyish brown, frequently with a mottled appearance or longitudinal bands or chevrons on the abdomen.
PC Adam Griffiths at Rhos police station said: "The man is described as white, in his 30s, medium build, 5'9 to 6' tall with short straight dark hair and greyish brown stubble or beard.