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Adj.1.greyish-black - of black tinged with grey
achromatic, neutral - having no hue; "neutral colors like black or white"
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The adult is generally dark greyish-black with a broad, crescent-shaped sash of yellow and a yellow tail.
Greyish-black discoloration of the tongue was observed in few patients in our study, a rare side effect of zidovudine is not associated with any toxicity and is asymptomatic.8 Cutaneous lesions alone were observed in 12 (10.1%) patients in our study.
Colonoscopy revealed colonic muscosa to be stained with greyish-black stools, but no point of frank bleed was identified.
Solid waste disposed there when water is relatively low produces a greyish-black colour.
Meanwhile, Kate was dressed in a printed greyish-black coat and black pants.