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Adj.1.greyish-brown - of brown tinged with grey
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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Its greyish-brown feathers works as a camouflage provides effective camouflage, and it has distinctive white spots on the underside of its wings.
The man, described as in his early 30s with greyish-brown stubble or a beard, confronted the woman near Llay on Sunday.
Cut surface of the mass showed greyish-white to greyish-brown firm solid areas with multiple thin walled cysts containing haemorrhagic and mucoid material (Fig.
It was a big greyish-brown fish and when I hit it, I noticed it had hard, rough skin.
As I turned I saw it was a big Cristina 60ft from greyish-brown fish.
Female considerably smaller, greyish-brown, the lower parts lighter.
Stems angular when young, adults cylindrical, greyish-brown, lenticels sparse; internodes 3.
It adds a lovely nutty, rounded flavour to the batter, and they have a pleasant greyish-brown colour, a bit like the fur of a wild rabbit.
Shocked by what he saw Childers said that it was something he could not gauge but was definitely six feet tall and had a shaggy coat to it, like a greyish-brown colour.
The layer at a depth of 111-91 cm is greyish-brown (10YR/4/2--dark greyishbrown in the lower part; 10YR/5/2--greyish-brown in the upper part), massive and blockish silt containing some gravel.
4C in Supplementary Material) yellow or light greyish-brown with 2 broad dark brown bands of irregular shape and unsharply delimited outline, anteriorly diverging and posteriorly fused in a black triangular spot touching hind margin of vertex.