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Adj.1.greyish-pink - of pink tinged with grey
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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A 20-year-old male patient presented with intermittent bleeding from both nasal cavities since 1 month, associated with change in voice, nasal block since 1 month, snoring since 1 month, on examination a smooth greyish-pink mass extending into the oropharynx was found, slight trickle of blood present on the posterior pharyngeal wall, anterior rhinoscopy was normal, post rhinoscopy revealed a greyish-pink mass in the nasopharynx which was extending into the oropharynx.
A much smaller type, the evergreen E myrsinites, is better for rock gardens, as it grows to just 10cm (4in) tall, its stems topped with clusters of yellow-green flowers which turn a greyish-pink.
In his Exercising racehorses (1880) we read the frieze of six horses and riders--one of them rearing backward, another showing only its rear legs and hind quarters--from left to right as they amble across a grassy field spotted with red wild flowers, and with reddish-green hills and a low greyish-pink sky in the background.