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Adj.1.greyish-white - of white tinged with grey
achromatic, neutral - having no hue; "neutral colors like black or white"
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These are the ones to watch out for: | cold-like symptoms, such as a runny nose, sneezing, and a cough | sore, red eyes that may be sensitive to light | a high temperature (fever), which may reach around 40deg C (104deg F) | small greyish-white spots on the inside of the cheeks | loss of appetite | tiredness, irritability and a general lack of energy A few days later, a red-brown blotchy rash will appear.
The initial symptoms of measles can include a runny or blocked nose, sneezing, watery eyes, swollen eyelids, sore, red eyes that may be sensitive to light, a high temperature (fever), which may reach around 40C (104F) and small greyish-white spots in the mouth.
The surgeon did an excision biopsy of the tumour and we received a greyish-white soft mass measuring 2.
Diagnostic laparoscopy showed greyish-white nodular deposits on the inferior surface of segment V Frozen-section biopsy confirmed a diagnosis of tuberculosis.
Kepla-Coat is a plasma-chemical anodizing process producing greyish-white oxide layers in an aqueous electrolyte solution under spark discharge.
One of the major incidents they looked at was Garry Wood and Colin Wright's alleged abduction by a six-foot, greyish-white extra-terrestrial on the A70 outside Tarbrax in 1992.
A big, greyish-white canvas with which to paint the day's action on.
Caseated lymph nodes were enlarged, hard in consistency, indurated and contained greyish-white caseous mass.
Try to pick off and squash as many of the adult beetles as you can, and also pick off the 8mm long greyish-white plump grubs.
It causes an unsightly and unappetising brown stain or appears as a fuzzy, greyish-white spot on the food.
She said live head lice, which are about the size of a sesame seed and range from tan to greyish-white in colour, aren't easy to see because they move very fast.
The chunky greyish-white rock crumbles easily into sand-like grains, allowing it to be worked into any type of soil.