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A network or frame of timber or steel serving as a foundation, usually on ground that is wet or soft.

[French, from Old French, trellis, from greille, gridiron; see grill.]


(Building) an arrangement of beams and crossbeams used as a foundation on soft ground
[C18: from French, from griller to furnish with a grille]


(ˈgrɪl ɪdʒ)

a framework of crossing beams used for spreading heavy loads over large areas; grid.
[1770–80; < French]
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prefabricated grillage L = 3 m (I-beam not less than 530 mm) - 20 pcs .
Ces decisions portent notamment sur la destruction de constructions, le demontage de clotures en grillage et la demolition de cloisons, baties ou installees, de maniere anarchique ou sans autorisation, sur des terrains publics ou prives, a-t-elle ajoute.
The deck was modeled as a line element in the form of grillage on STAAD Pro 2007 and bridge wizard was used for modeling in MIDAS 7.
Grillage reaction de la galene au four a reverbere dans le Nord-Ouest Argentin: comparaison experimentation --archeologie.
La demande croissante de nickel pendant la Premiere Guerre mondiale a mene a l'expansion des chantiers de grillage de Copper Cliff et O'Donnell, situes a proximite, accroissant ainsi lafumee pres de Sudbury et detruisant les recoltes.
The supporting structure for the MTB central roof consists of 18 inclined arches of varying heights, and a roof grillage, in total weighing around 20,000 metric tons.
The supporting structure for the MTB central roof consists of 18 inclined arches of varying heights and a roof grillage in total weighing around 20,000 tonnes.
Les noms de nombreuses villes ont ete imprimes sur des pancartes accrochees sur le grillage tout autour du terrain, a l'initiative de l'ONG qui se veut rassembleuse des Libyens.
They cover bridge loading, fundamentals of bridge analysis, integral bridges, the behavior and modeling of slab bridge decks, applying planar grillage and finite element methods, modeling bridge decks in three dimensions, and the probabilistic assessment of bridge safety.
A dedicated outside air system with energy and desiccant recovery wheels was installed on the steel grillage of the former cooling tower.
Although the company has loaded out similar structures in the past, this is the largest offshore platform officially recognised and constructed by Lamprell, the total weight of the platform including the grillage, temporaries and SPMTs is 15,511 tonnes.
2010) adopted simulated annealing method and high performance computing to increase the efficiency of grillage optimization.