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Material formed into grilles or a grille.
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material so formed as to function as or to have the appearance of a grille.
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Noun1.grillwork - mesh netting made of wires
meshwork, meshing, network, mesh, net - an open fabric of string or rope or wire woven together at regular intervals
2.grillwork - a framework of metal bars used as a partition or a grate; "he cooked hamburgers on the grill"
framework - a structure supporting or containing something
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Shot by Shaira Luna, it was set against the backdrop of elegant simplicity and refined luxury characteristic of Art Deco design and highlighted the grillwork of the scenic elevator landing.
You will find the elegant simplicity and refined luxury characteristic of Art Deco design in the grillwork of its scenic elevator landing.
Each of the 17 cars on display is meticulously detailed with such amenities as movable throttles and hand brakes, running boards, elaborate grillwork, headlights, hood ornaments, fenders, whitewall tires, windshields and chrome plating.
The museum's three inverted tiers evoke design elements indigenous to Nigeria's Yoruba people, while its filigreed panels reference bronze and iron grillwork in which black craftsmen specialized in antebellum Louisiana.
"Yeah, well," she said, and then they draped themselves over the grillwork. They liked to look out at passing traffic.
There was little to go on within the old lobby space, but there were a few details which inspired us, such as the ornamental ironwork in the grillwork above the entry doors, and the amazingly baroque plan of the entry vestibule."
Critical to the guitar is its carbon fiber grillwork soundboard, which gives it a professional quality acoustic sound despite the lack of an acoustic body.
Arched windows with ornate grillwork frame vertiginous views, and French doors open to wrought iron railed Juliet balconies and terra cotta tiled terraces that hover over the cliff.
scroll grillwork for legs, the whole assembly wholly elegant in an
In Lefevere's definition ideology is a "grillwork of form, convention, and belief which orders our actions" (16).
As for the dead boys, the very distinctive iron grillwork framing the door would have an excellent chance at having been preserved, but several walks up and down the Grand Via were unsuccessful in locating it.