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 (grĭ-môl′kĭn, -măl′-)
A cat, especially an old female cat.

[Variant of graymalkin : gray + obsolete malkin, lower-class woman; see merkin.]
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(ɡrɪˈmælkɪn; -ˈmɔːl-)
1. (Zoology) an old cat, esp an old female cat
2. a crotchety or shrewish old woman
[C17: from grey + malkin]
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(grɪˈmæl kɪn, -ˈmɔl-)

1. a cat.
2. an old female cat.
3. an ill-tempered old woman.
[1595–1605; appar. alter. of gray1 + malkin, diminutive of Maud proper name; see -kin]
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1. a cat, particularly an old female cat.
2. a bad-tempered old woman.
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As fair Grimalkin, who, though the youngest of the feline family, degenerates not in ferocity from the elder branches of her house, and though inferior in strength, is equal in fierceness to the noble tiger himself, when a little mouse, whom it hath long tormented in sport, escapes from her clutches for a while, frets, scolds, growls, swears; but if the trunk, or box, behind which the mouse lay hid be again removed, she flies like lightning on her prey, and, with envenomed wrath, bites, scratches, mumbles, and tears the little animal.
This could not be, however; he was not there; for, while Hepzibah was looking, a strange grimalkin stole forth from the very spot, and picked his way across the garden.
Two benches, shaped in sections of a circle, nearly enclosed the hearth; on one of these I stretched myself, and Grimalkin mounted the other.