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adj. grim·i·er, grim·i·est
Covered or smudged with grime. See Synonyms at dirty.

grim′i·ly adv.
grim′i·ness n.
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Noun1.griminess - the state of being grimy
dirtiness, uncleanness - the state of being unsanitary


References in classic literature ?
Rann's leathern apron and subdued griminess can leave no one in any doubt that he is the village shoemaker; the thrusting out of his chin and stomach and the twirling of his thumbs are more subtle indications, intended to prepare unwary strangers for the discovery that they are in the presence of the parish clerk.
After rinsing and washing the abomasum with 0.9 % NaCl solution to abandon maximum griminess. The organism was identified and authenticated from Department of Zoology, GC University, Lahore, Pakistan.
As well as Hollywood star Chris Pine doing a very passable Scottish accent, what struck was the griminess of all involved, from king to peasant, like Braveheart meets Game of Thrones.
After several years of discontent with inferior Jewish fictions, Trilling in 1929 in "Another Jewish Problem Novel" chose Milton Waldman's The Disinherited to mock the genre: "No one who has followed the Jewish novel can miss the mean qualities that almost inevitably characterize even the best of the genre--the crabbed pathos, the niggling heroics, the stuffiness, griminess, vexatiousness, the something that is almost sordid.