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A book of magical knowledge, especially one containing spells.

[French, from Old French, from alteration (probably influenced by grimuche, grotesque figure, grimace, grimace kindred Old French words) of gramaire, grammar, the study of Latin literature; see grammar.]
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(Alternative Belief Systems) a textbook of sorcery and magic
[C19: from French, altered from grammaire grammar; compare glamour]
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Noun1.grimoire - a manual of black magic (for invoking spirits and demons)
manual - a small handbook
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Hildegard of Bingen, the doctor of the church and expert in folk remedies and animal omens, whose Physika looks strikingly like a witch's grimoire, to the modern day Christian insta "witches" who are lifting these women up as their heroes.
Halfway to AMB Fest Day 1, featuring The Coils, The Eldritch Grimoire, Orinoco, Primal Enemy, 3 Banger and more: 5:30 p.m.
In the same vein, writer and occultist Donald Tyson has created a system of ritual magic which draws heavily from both Lovecraft and the Simon Necronomicon, an alleged translated Greek-Babylonian grimoire which has become popularly associated with a book of occult secrets mentioned by Lovecraft in many of his stories.
(In fact, you'd be better off learning about Osiris through the Grimoire Cards from the first game, and you have to read those on the Internet.)
Such occult tendencies have already been referenced in the film's opening title card, purporting to be an extract from De Vermis Mysteriis, a grimoire invented by horror writer Robert Bloch, and later referenced by H.P.
Lainey's family legacy is to protect the Grimoire, a spell book with dangerous contents.
Princess Misty of Beldora is captured by Lord Badlug, the ruler of Grimoire, who intends to marry her and conguer Beldora.
Another Castle: Grimoire is a fantasy-adventure graphic novel, beautifully illustrated in striking full color.
In Another Castle: Grimoire, Princess Misty of Beldora chafes at her role as heir to the throne; she'd much prefer to take action against her kingdom's enemies than to simply marry the prince her father chose for her.
The episode revolves around this witch family and a book they have, which is called the Black Grimoire. I'm very excited for Rowena to know about this book and get her scrubby paws on it."