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n. pl. grin·gos Often Offensive
A foreigner in Latin America, especially an American or English person.

[American Spanish, from Spanish, foreigner, especially an English-speaking foreigner, with a poor Spanish accent, possibly alteration of griego, Greek, from Latin Graecus; see Greek.]


(ˈɡrɪŋɡəʊ) or feminine


n, pl -gos or -gas
(Peoples) derogatory (used by Latin Americans) a person from an English-speaking country, esp the USA
[C19: from Spanish: foreigner, probably from griego Greek, hence an alien]


(ˈgrɪŋ goʊ)

n., pl. -gos.
usage: This term is usually used with disparaging intent, implying that the foreigner is an outsider who does not understand or respect Latin American culture or does not treat Latin Americans well. However, the term is sometimes used in a humorous way without intent to offend.
Usually Disparaging. (a term used in Latin America to refer to a foreigner, esp. one of U.S. or British origin.)
[1840–50 < Sp: foreign language, foreigner]


A Spanish word meaning foreigner, used disparagingly in Latin America for a North American or Englishman.
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Noun1.gringo - a Latin American (disparaging) term for foreigners (especially Americans and Englishmen)
alien, foreigner, noncitizen, outlander - a person who comes from a foreign country; someone who does not owe allegiance to your country


[ˈgrɪŋgəʊ] N (US) (pej) → gringo/a m/f


[ˈgrɪŋgəʊ] n (offensive)gringo m


n (esp US pej) → Gringo m
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And Urcisino Castillo told him to his face that he was a dog of a Gringo and other things.
Never would she have further to do with the Gringo who spoke such words.
From all sides came the soldiers and officers and the common people bravely to subdue the mad Gringo.
They always did that, and proceeded to kill the train crew and whatever chance Gringo passengers that'd escaped being killed in the accident.
You make the mistake of all Gringos in thinking a Mexican is a white man.
Gringo revolves around mild-mannered businessman Harold (David Oyelowo) who is assigned the task of delivering the formula of a new weed pill to a lab in Mexico and all the obstacles he faces.
Actress Charlize Theron is happy that she got a chance to work with Australian director Nash Edgerton in Gringo .
During the days of crisis or the days of living dangerously, I and Gringo - I call him then Gringo and I'd like to call him Gringo now - he was wanted by the government but he was in Davao with me,' Duterte said.
They get a real charge hearing this gringo unexpectedly speaking their language.
Pour les anthropologues qui effectuent leur travail de terrain en Amerique latine, le terme polysemique << gringo >> traduit inevitablement un processus de negociation de l'identite culturelle.