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pl.n. (used with a sing. or pl. verb)
1. An annual, climbing bedstraw (Galium aparine) found throughout North America and Eurasia, having hooked bristles on the stems, leaves, and fruit that cling to fur or clothing.
2. Any of various other species in the genus Galium.

[Middle English clivers, probably blend of clife, burdock (from Old English clīfe) and clivres, claws (from Old English clifras, pl. of clifer).]


(Plants) (functioning as singular) a Eurasian rubiaceous plant, Galium aparine, having small white flowers and prickly stems and fruits. Also called: goosegrass, hairif or sticky willie
[Old English clīfe; related to clīfan to cleave2]


(ˈkli vərz)

n., pl. -ers.
a North American plant, Galium aparine, of the madder family, having short, hooked bristles on the stems and leaves and bearing very small white flowers.
Also called goose grass.
[before 1000; Middle English clivre, Old English clife burdock (-re probably by association with Middle English clivres (pl.) claws, or with the agent n. from cleven to cleave1)]
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Noun1.cleavers - annual having the stem beset with curved pricklescleavers - annual having the stem beset with curved prickles; North America and Europe and Asia
bedstraw - any of several plants of the genus Galium


[ˈkliːvəz] nsg (Bot) → attaccamani m inv, attaccavesti m inv