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grip 1

a. A tight hold; a firm grasp: a drowning swimmer now safely in the grip of a lifeguard.
b. The pressure or strength of such a grasp: a wrestler with an unmatched grip.
c. A manner of grasping and holding: The crate afforded no comfortable grip.
a. Intellectual hold; understanding: a good grip on French history.
b. Ability to function properly or well; competence: getting a grip on the new technique.
c. Mental or emotional composure: lost his grip after he was fired.
a. A mechanical device that grasps and holds.
b. A part, such as a handle, that is designed to be grasped and held.
4. A suitcase or valise.
a. A stagehand who helps in shifting scenery.
b. A member of a film production crew who adjusts sets, lighting, and props and sometimes assists the camera operator.
v. gripped, grip·ping, grips
1. To secure and maintain a tight hold on; seize firmly.
2. To hold the interest or attention of: a scene that gripped the entire audience.
To maintain a secure grasp.

[Middle English, from Old English gripe, grasp and gripa, handful.]

grip′per n.
grip′ping·ly adv.

grip 2

Variant of grippe.
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It wasn't until a year later, after paying off some student loans, that I started withholding about 5% of my salary to purchase GM stock," says Gripper, who had previously worked at the company as a summer student and an intern.
The quiver has a traditional gripper for the fletching end of the arrow that will hold either aluminum or carbon arrows.
New Meat Gripper Adheres to All Food Production Cleaning Requirements and is Approved by the USDA
The gripper is grouped as contact and non-contact grippers.
The accompanying photo shows a gripper from LMD that uses both materials.
Ideal for pick-and-place work, vacuum gripper lifting systems handle panel stampings, glass, heat formed parts, and other large components, making rack or pallet loading and unloading an easy, one-person operation.
The company has created a new end-of-arm robotic gripper called the Versaball that is grabbing the attention of robotic arm producers across the country.
The GPL Series Palletiser is a 'Cartesian' Robot Palletiser with a gantry structure, which is equipped with a gripper head to precisely position the bags onto the pallet.
Change-over can be completed in three steps: Unbolt and replace the gripper assembly.
The jack-up vessels are fitted with gripper arms that hold the piles steady while they are driven into place.
Even more surprising, the balloon can also spit out the object with enough accuracy that a robotic arm equipped with such a gripper can repeatedly sink shots through a miniature basketball hoop.