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also grip  (grĭp)

[French, from Old French, claw, quarrel, from gripper, to seize, grasp, from Frankish *grīpan.]

grip′py adj.
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(of a material) having adhesive qualities
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The shoes are practical and durable -- grippy soles, scuff-resistant materials, lightweight designs and Velcro straps make sure of that.
The genius of the show is the way it slips in fascinating nuggets of art history into the grippy mystery narrative as Fiona and Philip try to determine if a member of the public's painting is a priceless masterpiece or measly fake.
With NPC's Grippy Mat, the world's first adhesive-back floor mat, your floor coverings will stay in place, so you might not need to set up those industrial-looking cones.
That's why New Pig developed an adhesive-backed mat, the Grippy Mat.
Slipfree outdoor shoes have incredibly grippy soles, perfect for running around by the pool or on the beach and you can even swim in them.
I like the track when it's grippy, and it always makes your life a bit easier when you're making starts.''
Grip Feel is characterized by its strikingly grippy surface and especially high wear protection, plus it is non-slip and sound optimizing.
A short, sharp downpour in the early afternoon made conditions slightly more grippy than normal, posing an additional challenge for both teams.
Meanwhile, New Pig, which specializes in workplace safety and spill containment products, has been promoting its newest versions of its Pig Grippy Floor Mats.
For example, a smaller contact patch and high pressure would improve economy when driving on smooth, grippy roads, while lower pressures and wider contact would improve grip in slippery conditions.
| 16 Little Black Pigs Rose 2016, South Australia (PS7.99, Virgin Wines): An appealing deep salmon pink, this is a vibrant and winey style of rose with dried cherry and savoury berry fruits that are accented by fine tannins and a fresh, grippy palate.