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Down the hall, Krux joined forces with animated sea creature SpongeBob SquarePants for some signature turnage, also appearing on the popular Mob brand of griptape, new home of Mason Silva and Cyrus Bennett coincidentally.
Among the action sports applications, world famous, original Jessup Griptape is used for traction on skateboard decks.
Pink friend of the mag Mike Sinclair linked up with mastergraphicsman Don Pendleton and The State's Kevin Furtado to launch Darkroom Inc, an accessory and griptape brand available now at finer skate shops.
I started skating in 1977 and I can tell because I remember I had a Poweflex 10" by 30" board and you put clear griptape halfway through and put a record cover under there.
It was a small board with Krux and cool leopard-print griptape. It was drizzling but the sides of the ramp seemed dry.
Suddenly a memory pops into my head of me on my first board, a Mike Vallely Powell Peralta deck, bright blue and hot pink strategically cut griptape, Slimeball wheels, and shiny Indys.
However, the combination of Bondo, griptape and general shredding created quite a mess when it came to the ol' digits.
I think it would be cool if it was remade in an updated version with the same comic book style 2D graphics, an all-star skater selection as big as possible as an option and a full product selection for your skateboard complete set-up: griptape, bolts, risers, deck, trucks, bushings, bearings and wheels.
I had the pink griptape and I wanted those weird looking Heartagram shoes.
He just sat on the floor next to his luggage drawing some kind of Pokemon on his griptape. Phone check: three hours until we leave.
Bring griptape; don't lose your passport; don't lose your cool; respect the country and countrymen who are hosting you; respect your fellow team riders' space and stuff.
My stepdad Mike put new griptape on it and made it like a brand-new board.