(grĭz′ē-əs, grĭs′-)
Mottled with gray, especially bluish gray; grizzled.

[Medieval Latin grīseus, of Germanic origin.]


(ˈɡrɪsɪəs; ˈɡrɪz-)
(Colours) streaked or mixed with grey; somewhat grey
[C19: from Medieval Latin griseus, of Germanic origin]


(ˈgrɪs i əs, ˈgrɪz-)

gray; pearl-gray.
[1810–20; < Medieval Latin grīseus, « Germanic *grīs gray; compare Old Saxon grīs, Old French, French gris gray; see -eous]
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Griseous city living corrupts my gentle disposition.
Areas identified with light gray color are the areas having the best signal quality with RSSI larger than -60dBm, while areas with gray color indicate that the signal strengths in these areas are between -60 ~ -80dBm, and the areas with the worst signal quality with RSSI less than -80 dBm are indicated by griseous color, and the signal may be imminently cut off.
Mold mix B: 1: 10 w/v: equal parts of Trichophyton schentieini, Cephalothecium roseum, Hormodendrum cladosporioides, Neurospora crassa, Streptomyces griseous, Scopulariopsis brevicaulis, Curvularia spicifera, Penicillium roseurm, Mycogone sp.