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adj. gris·li·er, gris·li·est
Causing repugnance; gruesome. See Synonyms at ghastly.

[Middle English grisli, from Old English grislīc; see ghrēi- in Indo-European roots.]

gris′li·ness n.
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The grisliness of the helpless young victims' murders underscores the seething and remorseless evil in the killer's bleak and black heart.
By bringing the grisliness of this particular kind of death front and center, the advertisements destabilize the conventional assumptions subtending pro-fur enthymemes.
The monsters feel a trifle generic--more "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" than anything else--which doesn't blunt the brooding atmosphere or the grisliness of their handiwork.
Noting that Robb Stark's wife wasn't even at the Red Wedding in the books made the grisliness of her death even worse.
80) The fire, coupled with a stream of media coverage emphasizing the grisliness of the tragedy, (81) overwhelmed the general public's collective conscience and brought the issue to a head.
This includes not only the carnage of hand-to-hand combat described in vivid grisliness, but also disputes among the gods, who are as touchy about their honor and order of rank as the most sensitive heroes, and sententious reflections by both mortals and immortals about the sad brevity of human life and the craving to win the greatest possible glory during one's fleeting stay on earth.
If you want to see the grisliness for yourself, search "Hama" on YouTube.
The grisliness of this gesture is exacerbated by the shallow relief of the canvas, which presents her halved skull schizophrenically, in both frontal and three-quarter perspectives.