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 (grī′sən, grĭz′ən)
Either of two small carnivorous mammals (Galictis vittata or G. cuja) of Central and South America, having grizzled fur, a slender body, and short legs.

[French, from Old French, gray fur, from gris, gray; see grisaille.]


(ˈɡraɪsən; ˈɡrɪzən)
(Animals) either of two musteline mammals, Grison (or Galictis) cuja or G. vittata, of Central and South America, having a greyish back and black face and underparts
[C18: from French, from grison grey animal, from Old French gris grey]
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Noun1.grison - carnivore of Central America and South America resembling a weasel with a greyish-white back and dark underpartsgrison - carnivore of Central America and South America resembling a weasel with a greyish-white back and dark underparts
mustelid, musteline, musteline mammal - fissiped fur-bearing carnivorous mammals
genus Grison - a genus of Mustelidae
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It was hard to select which pizza to order because the restaurant has a lot of really interesting options, such as Rucola grison, napoletana, diavola, and al salmone.
The assignment was provided by WWF Switzerland, as part of their search for a negotiation tool to use for providing training about wolves and bears to hiking guides in the canton of Grison.
Canine distemper virus infection in a lesser grison (Galictis cuja): first report and virus phylogeny.
Aunque entonces ya existia un cuerpo grison al servicio de la Monarquia en Milan, el Regimiento Albertin, esta alianza dio paso, al ano siguiente, a la firma de capitulaciones para la creacion de dos nuevos regimientos suizos: el de Jean Dominique de Bestchart, del canton de Schwyz, y el de Carlos Antonio Amrhyn, del canton de Lucerna.
Fernanda Grison Confortin (1) Clodoaldo Antonio de Sa (2) Priscila Paola Wildner (1)
Conformement aux conclusions de Riff, Perez, Grison et Guerin (2000), les resultats de cette etude nous incitent a considerer la methode de l'entretien d'autoconfrontation comme une activite collective situee au cours de laquelle l'articulation des activites individuelles du chercheur et de l'eleve (ou des eleves) en relation avec les enregistrements fait emerger une position de parole souvent inattendue et parfois non souhaitee.
This cozy, Romansh-speaking village in the heart of Grison Alps, located between Davos and St Moritz, can be reached from Zurich by car or train in two and a half hours.
Hacia 1982 era yo un free lance grison que haria estallar una historia sensacional y equivalente al "Watergate del rock" con Nowhere Man.
For example, previous studies on inhibition of return (IOR) showed that IOR occurred with the cue-target SOA of 1800 msec (Tipper, Grison, & Kessler, 2003).
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The Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs held public meetings on March 16, 17 and 18, 2011 on the matter of privilege raised by Scott grison.