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1. Minute rough granules, as of sand or stone.
2. The texture or fineness of sand or stone used in grinding.
3. A coarse hard sandstone used for making grindstones and millstones.
4. Informal Indomitable spirit; pluck.
v. grit·ted, grit·ting, grits
1. To clamp (the teeth) together.
2. To cover or treat with grit.
To make a grinding noise.

[Middle English gret, sand, from Old English grēot.]
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a. the spreading of grit on road surfaces to render them less slippery for vehicles during icy weather
b. (as modifier): gritting lorries.
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A total of 20 larger bins will be given to areas that are not on priority gritting routes, so members of the public can do their bit to keep roads and pavements safe.
THE council's gritting policy has been questioned after a street's petition to have a gritter or grit bin reinstated was rejected.
3) Gritting: "We grit 53% of the road network in Kirklees - the national average is 41%.
The comment came from Councillor Jim Thomson, chairman of Stirling Council's environment and housing committee which oversees the gritting operation.
COMMUTERS complained of 'impassable' roads and questioned local gritting strategies after the North East was hit by a flurry of snow.
Commuters complained of "impassable" roads and questioned local gritting plans after the North East was hit by a flurry of snow.
Quad bikes could even be used to spread grit on pavements, while the normal gritting wagons will be used to try to keep the roads clear.
The Conservatives reinstated 200 after they and the Liberal Democrats took control of the authority in 2004, following an inquiry into the council's gritting response to major snowfall in January of that year.
I had no choice but to go to Capehill and there was nothing but chaos on the roads.'' Asked to comment on the gritting procedure, Hall Green Liberal Democrat councillor Jackie Hawthorn replied: "What gritting?" Roger Harmer, deputy leader of the Liberal Democrat group, suggested that all motorists in Birmingham may have to copy Alpine countries by fitting snow chains to their cars if freezing winters become the norm.
"An additional concern is that salt supplies are often in short supply, hence, available stocks are targeted at ensuring the council's agreed gritting route network is treated." * VISIT to find your nearest grit bin