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v. groaned, groan·ing, groans
1. To voice a deep, inarticulate sound, as of pain, grief, or displeasure.
2. To make a sound expressive of stress or strain: floorboards groaning.
To utter or express with groans or a groan.
The sound made in groaning.

[Middle English gronen, from Old English grānian.]

groan′er n.
groan′ing·ly adv.


1. a person or thing that groans
2. informal an bad or corny joke or pun
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Noun1.groaner - a person who groans
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
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For 35-yearold Peter Murphy, left, had a greetings card from the Old Groaner himself, Bing Crosby.
Filled with catchy tunes, the operetta is as light-as-air, the plot a mere scaffold for high jinx and groaner jokes.
The jazz magazine Downbeat predicted that popularity, while panning the song's treatment "at the hands of Vic Schoen and throats of the Groaner and the terrifying trio
If you can get past the wobbly execution and the gentle groaner of a title, "Seoul Searching" delivers a sweetly engaging tribute to classic John Hughes movies and a refreshing glimpse into the secret life of the Asian teenager.
Judges seem willing to slide in a groaner every now and again as well.
It's to the credit of director Paul Letourneau's splendid cast that this potential groaner of a gag is as consistently funny as it is.
By the time the sky began to lighten, we had worked in close to the groaner.
You get used to the day-to-day stuff as a player and I'm a bit of a moaner and groaner on the park.
I suspect this groaner of a spot (complete with fart joke) was discovered in a box la- belled "unaired commercials - 1988" in a Heinz warehouse after a marketing executive failed to anticipate the need foranewSuperBowlad.
And a riddle, when its quested-after answer comes to light, can only be described as a "real groaner.
Whether for the hardcore wrestling fan or casual grunt 'n' groaner gamer, it promises to be the most fun you can have without strapping on a neon leotard.