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adj. grog·gi·er, grog·gi·est
Unsteady and dazed; shaky.

[From grog.]

grog′gi·ly adv.
grog′gi·ness n.
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[ˈgrɒgɪlɪ] ADVcomo atontado, como grogui or zombi
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adv (inf)groggy (inf); shake one’s head, answerschwach; movebenommen
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Danny, on his feet, tottered groggily and helplessly before him.
They still hesitated, and Billy might have succeeded in avoiding trouble had not the man who had gone down the bank chosen that unfortunate moment to reappear, crawling groggily on hands and knees and showing a bleeding face.
"You'll see," said Harvey, and he stepped, rather groggily, for his head was still singing, to the cabin steps, where the little ship's clock hung in plain sight of the wheel.
Both reported groggily for training yesterday, but Smith is not at all certain about their fitness and his first step was to put defender Paul Raven on stand-by for an emergency return from his loan stint with Third Division Rotherham United.
He managed, groggily, to haul himself up before the count reached ten.
Easter Road physio staff had to tend to him before he groggily got to his feet in a clash that meant so much to the future of under-fire Ibrox boss Walter Smith.
Jason Cayless, a winner with the Roosters in 2003, never recovered from a bruising hit in the opening seconds and groggily left the field with less than a quarter gone.
The strapping Coughlan went down as if pole-axed and required more than four minutes of treatment before groggily rising to his feet and volunteering to carry on.
Luckily, the fence was air inflated and he was able to walk away, albeit it groggily. Now we know why Suzi Quatro roared out 48 Crash during the pre-event entertainment.
The second time around, with Rahman sprawling groggily on the canvas, Cortez knew what to do and called a halt after one minute and 29 seconds of the round.