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 (gro͞om, gro͝om)
1. A person employed to take care of horses or a stable.
2. A man who is about to be married or has recently been married.
3. One of several officers in an English royal household.
4. Archaic
a. A man.
b. A male servant.
v. groomed, groom·ing, grooms
1. To care for the appearance of; to make neat and trim: groomed himself carefully in front of the mirror.
2. To clean and brush (an animal).
3. To remove dirt and parasites from the skin, fur, or feathers of (another animal).
4. To prepare, as for a specific position or purpose: groom an employee for advancement.
5. Sports To prepare (terrain) for participants in a sport, as by packing down new snow and leveling moguls for skiers.
To care for one's appearance.

[Middle English grom. N., sense 2, short for bridegroom.]

groom′er n.
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A groomer at a PetSmart in Katy, southeastern Texas, was fired after a video showing her mishandling a small dog, a Shih Tzu went viral Friday.
PRETTY Paws Grooming Salon in Thongsbridge is home to Alison Rogers, who currently holds the title of European Grand Champion groomer.
Contract notice: Acquisition of a new groomer with recovery of a used groomer or acquisition of a new groomer with resumption of a groomer for rent to own
com)-- Michell Evans will be awarded the prestigious honor of Groomer of the Year for her achievements in canine and animal training at this year's Purina Pro Plan 60th Annual Show Dogs of the Year[R] Awards, presented by I-5 Publishing's Dogs in Review.
To be a dog groomer, you should have the ability to handle dogs firmly but gently, the ability to calm and control nervous dogs and patience and attention to detail.
Then the groomer bathes the dog, choosing the right shampoo and conditioner.
Agnes Murphy - International Groomer of the Year in 2005 - will give a seminar on worth how to give your pet that trendy hairdo.
Simon's groomer, who had a bit more experience, moved quickly to keep up with the dog's exuberance; Grizz seemed to sense that his groomer was a little newer at the job, patiently waiting when the inmates conferred on technique.
With an 80- to 140-horsepower tractor leading the charge through dense brush-covered snow trails throughout the Canadian Shield, the groomer is built to withstand the demands of a constant load under adverse conditions.
Being a dog groomer is not a decision youngsters should take lightly.
The Hot Touch Facial Groomer, with its tiny spiral blade (a Lilliputian version of those found in electric shavers), can do the same thing at home, say its makers, and costs less than $20.