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GROOMING is not just to make pets look good - it is also important for their health.
com)-- The new site redesign will provide an updated, user friendly experience for American Grooming Academy dog grooming customers, and people looking for a new career in the pet grooming field.
Demand for grooming is huge for both dogs and cats.
New GfK findings show that "to feel good about myself" and "to please my spouse or partner" are the top two motivators for grooming among US consumers.
Many of the larger stores have grooming salons and state of the art vets4Pets and Companion Care veterinary practices.
a leader in the professional and home grooming category, has released research findings showing the rite of passage of fathers teaching their sons to groom is growing in numbers and significance.
Grooming is to clean and maintain the appearance of an animal.
has been recognized for her contributions to the grooming industry.
However, many cleaning professionals are unaware of how important grooming is and how often it should be done.
Established Pet Grooming business has 500-600 loyal clients ideal for groomer who wants to own their own business.
What makes this exchange a market is the way sufficient grooming time changes with the baby supply, Fruteau and her colleagues explain in a paper posted online in Animal Behaviour.
Here's one most people, including doctors, probably never heard of: hair grooming.