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1. A long narrow furrow or channel.
2. The spiral track cut into a phonograph record for the stylus to follow.
3. Slang A settled routine: got into the groove of a nine-to-five job.
4. Slang A situation or an activity that one enjoys or to which one is especially well suited: found his groove playing bass in a trio.
5. Slang A very pleasurable experience.
v. grooved, groov·ing, grooves
1. To cut a groove or grooves in.
2. Baseball To throw (a pitch) over the middle of home plate, where it is likely to be hit.
v.intr. Slang
a. To take great pleasure or satisfaction; enjoy oneself: just sitting around, grooving on the music.
b. To be affected with pleasurable excitement.
2. To react or interact harmoniously.
in the groove Slang
Performing exceptionally well.

[Middle English groof, mining shaft, probably from Middle Dutch groeve, ditch; see ghrebh- in Indo-European roots.]
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Noun1.grooving - the cutting of spiral grooves on the inside of the barrel of a firearmgrooving - the cutting of spiral grooves on the inside of the barrel of a firearm
formation, shaping - the act of fabricating something in a particular shape
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