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v. groped, grop·ing, gropes
1. To reach about uncertainly; feel one's way: groped for the telephone.
2. To search blindly or uncertainly: grope for an answer.
1. To make (one's way) by reaching about uncertainly.
2. Slang To handle or fondle for sexual pleasure.
The act or an instance of groping.

[Middle English gropen, from Old English grāpian.]

grop′er n.
grop′ing·ly adv.
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(ˈɡrəʊpə) or


n, pl -er or -ers
(Animals) any large marine serranid fish of the genus Epinephelus and related genera, of warm and tropical seas. Also called: garoupa
[C17: from Portuguese garupa, probably from a South American Indian word]
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Another reasoned that maybe the man didn't want to use his hands to push her for fear of being called a train groper or 'chikan.' A few others pointed out that what the man did could be considered as assault and the footage could be used as evidence.
The husband and wife reported the matter to police who later arrested the alleged groper.
The present case reports discuss about unique case reports highlighting the fabrication of Groper's appliance in a young child with ECC and with trauma which is a simple technique for the placement of a fixed type of an anterior esthetic appliance.
A Nurses and Midwifery Council hearing was told the "serial groper" was jailed last year after being found guilty of seven counts of sexual assault.
Fans took to social media to condemn the phantom groper. The hashtag #RespectHarry trended on Twitter after the encounter.
I'm very glad the American people stood by him and I think everybody has got to take it easy a little bit" Hollywood star Jon Voight (pictured left) "The idea that we have shared values with a racist, misogynistic, self-confessed groper beggars belief" Ed Miliband, ex Labour leader, on Donald Trump "That Obama creature, loathsome individual who couldn't stand our country and said we would be at the back of the queue.
US President-elect Donald Trump has been labelled a "groper" and "racist" by former Labour leader Ed Miliband.
PING (Packet Internet Groper) or ping: Traditionally, this term refers to an Internet program used to determine whether a specific IP address Is accessible or online.
A GROPER who touched a schoolgirl and paraded in front of his windows performing a sex act is behind bars today.
A report of Harris's conviction in June 2010 at the age of 19 described him as a "child bottom groper".
Klebanov and Groper present readers with a comprehensive examination of machine structure and operation.