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(ˈɡrəʊʃən; German ˈɡrɔʃən)
n, pl -schen
1. (Currencies) a former Austrian monetary unit worth one hundredth of a schilling
2. (Currencies) a former German coin worth ten pfennigs
3. (Historical Terms) a former German silver coin
[C17: from German: Bohemian dialect alteration of Middle High German grosse, from Medieval Latin (denarius) grossus thick (penny); see gross, groat]


(ˈgroʊ ʃən)

n., pl. -schen.
a unit of currency in Austria, equal to 1/100 of the schilling.
[1610–20; < German; Middle High German grosse, grosze < Late Latin (denārius) grossus thick (coin); akin to groat]
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Noun1.groschen - 100 groschen equal 1 schilling in Austria
Austrian monetary unit - monetary unit in Austria
Austrian schilling, schilling - formerly the basic unit of money in Austria
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Workmen were carrying out emergency repairs to try to fill it in, but in the meantime drivers in Old Swan were warned that the road will be restricted to one lane in both directions around the junction with Groschen Street.
In its heyday in the 13th Century, workers made their fortunes from silver mining and shortly after it was granted the status of a Royal town with a mint where the Prague groschen was coined.
Papa took ninety groschen out of his pocket and said, "Here is your money.
Especially valued are the large Groschen and Talir.
Because he didn't want to, I gave him the few groschen I had on me and pleaded with him, so he went round to a Gentile neighbor and brought back a bucket.
In actual money changing, there is the sale or a contract similar to a sale where a ducat is sold for 52 Flemish groschen, and a certain money is evaluated with another.
Small engines in snow blowers perform well with ethanol-enriched gasoline, without sacrificing performance," said Ralph Groschen with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture's Ethanol Program.
Drawing more than 35 members, the panel featured three industry experts: Gerald Tumbelson, president of the National Corn Growers Association, Randy Doyal, chief executive officer of Al-Corn Clean Fuel, and Ralph Groschen, senior marketing specialist in biofuels from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.