gross anatomy

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gross anatomy

The study of the organs, parts, and structures of a body that are visible to the naked eye. Also called macroscopic anatomy.
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gross′ anat′omy

the branch of anatomy that deals with structures that can be seen with the naked eye.
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Noun1.gross anatomy - the study of the structure of the body and its parts without the use of a microscopegross anatomy - the study of the structure of the body and its parts without the use of a microscope
anatomy, general anatomy - the branch of morphology that deals with the structure of animals
dental anatomy - the branch of gross anatomy concerning with the morphology of teeth
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gross an·at·o·my

n. anatomía macroscópica, estudio de los órganos y partes del cuerpo que se ven a simple vista.
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Results: Total 60 male students opted for the modalities of anatomy models for learning gross anatomy. Their accumulative reflective score was 4853.
It includes all anatomical terms learned in a gross anatomy course and covers the head and neck, upper and lower limbs, and trunk, and omits the brain, internal organs, and external sexual organs, although it includes some internal organs deeply related to musculoskeletal and neurovascular structures.
Majority of students preferred use of PPT presentations over conventional chalk and board method for delivering lectures while teaching gross anatomy. According to students, with PPT the lectures were well-organized, clearer with respect to new terminology, spellings, pronounciation, clarity of diagrams, better visibility, and have the continuity of lecture contents.
Everyone found the exhibits very interesting, with a lot of opportunities to discover and learn some fascinating facts about the body, its structure, diseases and conditions through the exhibits of gross anatomy on display.
New York, NY, July 20, 2013 --( "Anatomy - An Essential Textbook," recently published by Thieme, is a review-style gross anatomy textbook designed to accompany Thieme's award winning “Atlas of Anatomy, Second Edition”.
Moses, an emergency room physician, et al., who are anatomy professors at Loma Linda U., offer medical students an atlas of clinical gross anatomy that proceeds from the head to the foot and from superficial to deeper structures.
All students are encouraged to participate in an in-depth exploration of specially prepared prosected cadavers at the gross anatomy lab.
Abstract.- Gross anatomy of digestive system of Japanese quails (Coturnix japonica) of different age groups viz., 4, 8, >12 weeks were investigated.
Students Matt Cauchi, Nathan Mullins and Sarah Shaw--Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA) for the Anatomy Department--will use the $3,500 grant to produce a Gross Anatomy dissection video series.
The core of the program consists of four five-semester-hour courses: human gross anatomy, human neuroanatomy, medical physiology, and histology.
Content will include coverage of such topics as gross anatomy, embryology, histology, and neurosciences at all levels of anatomical sciences education including undergraduate, post-graduate, allied health, medical and dental.
I have been interested in understanding and developing classroom methodologies whereby the students with the least prior exposure to science can be given "tools" to most effectively master the large amount of strange words, ideas, and information--or if you will, the language--of the undergraduate gross anatomy course I teach each semester.