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adj. grouch·i·er, grouch·i·est
Tending to complain or grumble; peevish or grumpy.

grouch′i·ly adv.
grouch′i·ness n.
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Adv.1.grouchily - in an ill-natured manner; "she looked at her husband crossly"
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There were those who were lost in the joy and romance of it all, and there were those who griped grouchily about the cost of it all.
Other sights, smells and encounters that some other participants grouchily described as gross included naked toddlers in the streets, strange things people ate and even stupid carabaos that wouldn't do their bidding
Casey finds an old Tomorrowland pin that allows her a glimpse of the future, or at least a facsimile -- but in fact, as Frank grouchily explains, the future is fake and the world (our world) is ending, due to a surfeit of negativity.
While Stiller's character "Greenberg'' was grouchily inert, unable to reconcile himself to unfulfilled ambitions, in "While We're Young,'' he's game (maybe too much) to adapt.