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Noun1.ground bait - bait scattered on the water to attract fish
bait, decoy, lure - something used to lure fish or other animals into danger so they can be trapped or killed
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However, if you were happier keeping your feet on the ground instead of tempting gravity then the Silent Ground Bait Dispenser was just the thing for anglers.
All catches were made up of skimmers taken on ground bait feeders with maggot, pinkie or worm as hook baits.
A ground bait feeder, maggot and worm attack is generally best, however the more recent inclusion of the 'method feeder' to the armoury has seen some excellent catches taken on the dam.
The 37-year-old attacked the swim with 8kg of ground bait and leam, six pints of maggots and pints hemp, with maggot on the hook.
First place with a 25-14-0 bag of small carp and tench was Shimano Team Wales Boss, Eric Humphreys,fishing off peg 16 with red maggot over ground bait. 2.
The Strike FT Open there saw locally based Ernie Thomas pole fish maggot over ground bait to tempt an all tench catch weighing 18lbs 9oz.
The resultant gungy mixure is then used as ground bait while they float fish various other normal baits.
After the success of the stock pond, expectations were high and I mixed a large quantity of ground bait - red bread crumb, sensas carp mix, trout pellets, sweet corn, maggots and castors.
Chris Bradley, from Skewen, made the right decision when he targeted bream in the open match at Port Talbot because his ground bait feeder and worm bait accounted for a winning 29lb 11oz.
Bait: Yellow and Pink Power-Bait Eggs with worm and Magic Dust mixed with Red Krill ground bait liquid attractant in a swimfeeder.

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