ground cable

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Noun1.ground cable - a mooring cable; runs from a buoy to a mooring anchor
cable - a very strong thick rope made of twisted hemp or steel wire
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The automaker is recalling the vehicle because of a defective bolt used to attach a ground cable between the tank and the vehicle chassis.
Mr Al Jowder blamed some property owners for encroaching on the ground cable networks when building facades to their houses.
Each system is packaged with two eight-hour batteries, a charger electrode wand and a ground cable in a durable molded carrying case.
Each system is packaged with two, eight hour batteries; a charger electrode wand; and a ground cable in a durable molded carrying case.
They each contain a 25' power cable and cable cover, a power cable adapter, and a 15' ground cable. Gas hoses and water hoses, a Smith Equipment flow meter regulator, and a welding accessory kit featuring additional nozzles, collets, collet bodies, back cap, and tungsten are provided in every torch package.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-18 December 2003-YLE to extend ground cable for digital broadcasts(C)1994-2003 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
The generating capacity of the Mangla Power House was vanished as under ground cable caught fire in the night between June 27 and 28.Federal minister for water and electricity visited the Mangla Power House two days ago and directed the officials to restore the unit number one by July 10 after which the concerned staff worked day night and restored the unit number one while the unit number two is also expected to be restored in the next 24 hours.The Power House will begin working completely by July 25.
Rushing to disconnect a ground cable leads to broken parts.
Each system is packaged in a durable molded carrying case that includes two, 8-hour batteries, a charger, detector, electrode wand and ground cable. Ph: 713.681.5837 Circle no.
We had trouble with the ground cable connecting the environmental control unit (ECU) and primary power unit (PPU) not making good contact.