ground fish

ground′ fish`

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To determine moisture, 1 gram sample of ground fish (for each of the two samples) was placed in a crucible and dried at 105 degrees Celsius to a constant weight after the initial weighing.
The technologies include greenhouses that are used to raise the internal temperatures to suitable levels for the warm water fish and above the ground fish ponds that enable fish to be grown in areas with limited water supply.
Poultry and stuffed foods should be cooked so that they reach an internal temperature of at least 165 degrees F; cook meat and fish to at least 145 degrees F; cook pork, ground meats and ground fish to at least 155 degrees F.
Bowers indicates the Ground Fish fishery is the largest fishery in the state by volume and per federal management.
I have a way of releasing ground fish quickly and unharmed using a TrollPro, an underwater housing for GoPro cameras.
We see this cognitive dissonance on display in a glowing account of ITQs in the British Columbia ground fish trawl fishery where we are told that individual transferable quotas and "100% observer coverage" produced "optimal" results (Branch and Hilborn, 2008).
Salalah: Fish production in the Governorate of Dhofar stood at about 30,587 tonnes in 2013, of which ground fish accounted for over 40 per cent, followed by large pelagic fish at about 20 per cent.
The trainee solicitor sparked outrage after she was recorded in Australia cradling the goldfish in her hand before washing it down with Aussie alcohol, known as "goon", which has ground fish bones as one of its ingredients.
At any given Passover Seder, there are the people who love these ground fish balls, served cold and crowned with horseradish or a floppy carrot medalliondiehards who ask for seconds, then stand around after dinner sneaking spoonfuls of "jelly" from the pan (or worse, the jar).
BoatUS surprisingly reports the deadliest fishing area is actually here in New England's ground fish waters.
Details : General Establishment of Fisheries is seeking financing for a project on conducting a precise and practical estimate of sea resources particularly the ground fish living near the bottom of the sea.